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Meghdoot is one of the beautiful attractions of Saurabh Vihar.
	       Okie a little yadi yada yada 'bout me, myself and I.
    I hail from India. The country of cultural legends, natural beauty and vegetarians.
 The motherland of Budha and Gandhi. The country that gave the world the concept
 of numeral 0 ( Hindu-Arabic numerals ). I am proud to be an Indian. Iqubal 
 righfully said "Yunan-o-Misr-o-Rome sab mit gaye jahan se, Baqi abhi talak hai 
 nam-o-nishan hamara. Kuch bat hai ke hasti mit-ti nahin hamari, Sadion raha hai
 dushman daur-e-jahan hamara.". 
    The educational institutions I have studied thru the years include Kendriya
 Vidyalayas,IIT Kanpur and Michigan Technological University  ( The CS Department.) .
    I am a computer engineer by profession. Other trivialities I enjoy include
 web surfing, bug fixing, listening to music, complex riddles, shooting some 
 ball etc. I am currently involved with several open source software development
 programs, e.g, GNU etc.
 My interests include reading, roller blading etc. The technical book I am
 reading right now is : Wireless BroadBand Networks Handbook, Vacca, Osborne
    My field of interest includes multiprocessor programming kernel programming,
 network programming, computer graphics general & system design. If you are a 
 recruiter heres a copy of my resume.